Incentives SA has been helping companies gain access to various funding institutions and grant funding agencies for over 8 years. With a wealth of experience in grant funding and business finance we have helped over 400 companies grow their businesses. Incentives SA has a robust team of industry professionals bringing together a combined business development career of over 30 years. Having raised over R800m in funding we have the right team and knowledge to scale your business and bring to your business the expertise it requires in accessing funding. With a network of our 2000 companies we represent a significant voice in the Business sector in South Africa and abroad. With a long history of engagement with various institutions we bring to our clients a pool of resources, previously unavailable to the average business. These resources include access to local funding institutions, development institutions, public sector grant agencies, private sector finance institutions, commercial banks, international corporate consulting firms, private equity firms and direct private investors – both locally and abroad.

Project Finance

Whether it is an expansion of an existing operation, creation of a new business venture or working capital for your business, we engage with various finance institutions to find you the best rates, payment options and if applicable, link your finance needs to grants and programmes that will reduce your total investment as well as finance requirements. We have completed several finance acquisition deals in a variety of industries and focus on the manufacturing, agro-processing, technology and information, renewable energy and the services industry. We have established relationships with organisations such as the IDC, NEF, The Land Bank as well as international project finance agencies from countries such as Scandinavia, France, Germany, China and the USA. Please visit our partners page to learn more

Business Finance

  • Assessing project requirements
  • Completing documentation including business plans, financial models, business summaries and other necessary documentation
  • Evaluating funding agencies to match agency offering to project requirements
  • Arranging stakeholder meetings
  • Tracking application progress and managing project until disbursement.
  • Securing the best deal for our clients including payment holidays, package offerings, competitive interest rates and short turnaround times.
  • South African finance as low as 6% p.a, international finance as low as 1.5% p.a for qualifying projects

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Investor Services

We have a large range of businesses seeking funding, investment, acquisition and partnerships. Through our extensive network we are presented with opportunities that are profitable, financially sound and have the correct strategies for success. We also provide a thorough due diligence service for potential investors wanting to assess the credibility and viability of a potential investment.

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For more information please contact Incentive SA on the following numbers:

Cape Town (Head Office): 021 671 4400

Johannesburg: 011 0829853

Durban: 031 535 7282

Incentives SA presents at JCCI – Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce – Feb, 2016
Over 130 delegates attended a packed event.

Mr Rishad Ahmed, Managing Director, Incentives SA

JCCI Event delegates

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The Department of Trade and Industry has disbursed over R2 billion to assist businesses in growing and achieving competitiveness in their industry. Through a variety of grants across all industries, the government of South Africa has realized the importance business plays in maintaining a strong economy and has committed to providing accessible funds for sustainable projects.

Businesses of all sizes which show potential for growth and meet the criteria defined by the DTI may apply for a grant. Most grants require no repayment once funds are disbursed. Through partnerships with finance organizations such as the IDC – Industrial Development Corporation, finance at very affordable interest rates have been made available – sometimes as low as 6% per annum.

Incentives SA brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of acquiring government grants and finance to your business. As a strategic partner we take care of the details of submission, tracking and most-critically the overseeing that funds are paid out to our clients. We work on a unique fee structure that is both refreshing and innovative in the industry. With over 100 successful approvals you can trust Incentives SA with all your grant and finance acquisition requirements.

Government Grants and Incentives

Incentives SA offers advice and information on a variety of grants available through the DTI as well as business finance from the IDC in all sectors including SMME’s, manufacturing companies and companies in the tourism sector. There are many government grants and funding available for businesses of all sizes. For a full list of grants available through the DTI please visit our this page

Our Core Business

Government Grants

We access government grants for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. With over 2000 clients we have the knowledge and wisdom to get  your company the most out of government grants. For a full list of grants available through the DTI please visit our this page

Business/Project Finance

Through years of established relationships with Finance institutions such as the IDC, SEFA, NEF and other private banking institutions we make sure your business has the necessary capital to continue growing and providing services/products to your clients

Investment Capital – Equity Investment

Through our local and international partners we source investment capital  for company buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, capital investment and venture capital.

Incentives SA